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Teacher Training

Become A Dance Teacher!

Have you dreamed of becoming a dance teacher? Have you been dancing ballroom as a student and now want to make dancing your career? Have you started to teach but realize you did not get thorough training? Are you an avid dancer who loves the idea of improving by learning both Leader’s and Follower’s parts? Our Teacher Training program will help you achieve your goals, even with no little or no prior dance experience!

Here is a list of some of the material you’ll learn:

  • The 6 core dances of the Dance Vision Junior Associate Bronze American Syllabus for
 Smooth & Rhythm, and how to teach them
  • To dance as both Leader and Follower
  • Technical elements of all the dances
  • Musical elements of all the dances
  • How to teach private & group lessons
  • How to prepare for Dance Vision ® certification
  • Salesfree Sales Training Course
  • Move Like a Champion®

Benefits Of Our Teacher Training Program

  • Unlimited free attendance to group classes at Revolution Ballroom (participating as Leader or Follower as needed)
  • Free attendance to dance parties at Revolution Ballroom
  • Free practice time at Revolution Ballroom
  • Salesfree Sales Training Course: You will receive ground-breaking sales training emphasizing the interpersonal skills necessary to create long term relationships with students. Salesfree Sales will transform the way you think about sales and the way you communicate with your students, colleagues, and employers.
  • Move Like a Champion® We have incorporated 64 exercises throughout our Bronze Teacher Training curriculum. Move Like a Champion® will enable you to teach the proper body mechanics necessary for your students to become excellent dancers.


We’ll build a schedule that work for you and your Master Teacher. A typical trainee spends 4 hours/week in teacher training class and then devotes 8-10 hours outside of class for study, homework, and practice. The program is designed for working adults and is achievable for anyone who has the will and drive to become a dance teacher. One of our recent trainees completed her training while working full time, getting her Master’s Degree, raising two small children, and commuting an hour to our studio. So where there’s a will there’s a way!


  • $997 per month (four month minimum)
  • Not included: Professional certification & exam fees, extra private lessons, and exam coaching (if desired)

Plan details

  • 8 visits per Month
  • Unused visits can roll over to the next month (up to 8)
  • 4 full and partial payments are required
  • $100 early cancellation fee
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