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Intro To Argentine Tango

Learn To Dance Argentine Tango :-)

Class Dates:

  • Thursdays 7:00 - 8:00 PM
What To Expect:

Experience the passion of Tango! Argentine Tango is a beautiful and intimate social dance from Buenos Aires. During this class, you'll learn the essential elements of Tango; the most basic of these elements is walking, which is where we will begin. In addition to figures, you'll learn how to connect with your partner and the music, so you can express yourself through dance. After 2-4 months at the Intro level, you'll feel comfortable with basic Tango elements and will have an appreciation of the power and magic of this dance.

This class is designed for absolute beginners; you don't need any prior experience or even a partner to learn to dance Tango. Join us and discover why the beauty of Argentine Tango has enraptured the world.

Price Options:

  • You have three options: Studio Membership, Drop-in, or Class Pass
    • Studio memberships are the BEST VALUE and the BEST WAY TO LEARN. Your monthly membership includes group classes, private lessons, and our studio dance party - all the essentials to ensure your success on the dance floor!
    • Drop-in is the most convenient option if your schedule is erratic or you dance infrequently.
    • Classes passes offer flexibility and more savings than a drop-in.

Studio Membership

  • "Get Started" New Student Special
  • 50% off a one-month studio membership
    • 1 Private lesson
    • 4 Group classes
    • 1 Dance party
  • You pay just $87 single / $137 couple
    • (Get Started (Single) is an $185 value, you save $98!)
    • (Get Started (Couple) is an $280 value, you save $143!)
    • This special pricing valid for new students only


  • $20 per person
Class Pass
  • 5 classes for $90 (you save $10!)
  • 10 classes for $175 (you save $25!)
  • Class passes are valid for 3 months from date of purchase.


  • Do I need a partner?
  • Nope :-) Singles, as well as couples, are welcome and encouraged to join our group classes. We rotate partners throughout class so you'll have so you'll have ample opportunity to practice and dance whether you sign up by yourself or with a partner. Studies have shown that learning to dance with a variety of partners helps you learn 30% faster, and it's more fun too!
  • Can I just show up or do I need to sign up in advance?
  • Please sign up at least 24 hours before class as class sizes are limited. You can sign up online or call us at 843-338-2870 to sign up by phone with your credit card.
  • I have some dance experience, do I have to sign up for Intro or can I sign up for a more advanced level?
  • Since class levels varies widely, we ask new students to take their first class with us at the Intro level. At class, your teacher can asses your level and recommend the right class placement for you. Just let your teacher know when you feel ready to move up.
  • How long should I take Intro To Argentine Tango before I'm ready to advance to the next level?
  • We recommend students take Intro for 2-4 months before enrolling in next level classes. Learning to dance is much like learning any sport in that practice and repetition is key. The first time you learn a figure, you'll be able to dance it at a very basic level. As you continue to practice, you'll deepen your understanding and develop more confidence, style, and technique. If you are wanting to progress more quickly we recommend taking private lessons and attending practice dance parties along with your group classes; both will help turbo charge your dancing!