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Medal Test Prep

Prepare for your Medal Test Exam and earn a nationally recognized certificate of Achievement!

Class Dates:
  • Thursdays 7:00 - 8:00 PM
What To Expect:
  • Medal Test Prep will prepare you to take your Medal Test. Learn the choreography and technique needed to succeed during your Exam.
  • Prerequisites for Medal Test Prep
  • - 6-12 months of Smooth Operator / Feel The Rhythm
  • - Suede-soled dance shoes are also required.

Price Options:

  • You have three options: (1) Studio Membership, (2) Drop-in, (3) Class Pass
  • (1) Studio memberships are an amazing value and include group classes, private lessons, our studio dance party - all the essentials to ensure your success on the dance floor!
  • (2) Drop-in is the most convenient option is your schedule is erratic or you dance infrequently.
  • (3) Classes passes offer flexibility and more savings than a drop-in.

Studio Memberships:

Social Starter (single) - $137/month
Social Starter (couple) - $197/month

Steady Stepper (single) - $330/month
Steady Stepper (couple) - $397/month

Spotlight Success (single) - $630/month
Spotlight Success (couple) - $697/month

$20 per person

Class Pass

5 classes for $75
10 classes for $125


  • Do I need a partner?
  • Nope :-) Singles, as well as couples, are welcome and encouraged to join our group classes. We rotate partners throughout class so you'll have so you'll have ample opportunity to practice and dance whether you sign up by yourself or with a partner.
  • Can I just show up or do I need to sign up in advance?
  • You may drop-in and register at the front desk. Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can complete your registration and start class on time. If possible, we recommend you enroll online before coming to class so you will be alerted to any last minute schedule changes.
  • I have some dance experience, do I have to sign up for Intro or can I sign up for a more advanced level?
  • We'd love to have you join us! If you'd like to join our Medal Test Prep class, please contact us at 843-388-2870, so a teacher can asses your level and recommend class placement.
  • How long should I take Smooth Operator / Feel The Rhythm before I'm ready to advance to the next level?
  • We recommend students take Smooth Operator / Feel The Rhythm (6-12 months) before enrolling in higher level classes. Learning to dance is much like learning an instrument in that practice and repetition is key. The first time you learn a figure, you will only be able to execute it at a very basic level. As you continue to practice, you will be able to dance a figure with more confidence, style, and correct technique. If you are wanting to progress more quickly we recommend taking private lessons and attending practice dance parties; both will help you immensely.