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Fierce, Fit, & Feminine: Benefits of Belly Dance Workshop with Casey Frymire

$45 per classPurchase required to enroll
Kick off the New Year and explore the exciting world of Belly Dance while getting fit and having fun! No experience necessary.

Fierce, Fit, & Feminine:
Benefits of Belly Dance Workshop by Casey Frymire

DATE: Saturday, January 18th

TIME: Noon - 3:00 PM
Water and refreshments provided, and we'll take plenty of breaks during our afternoon together.

COST: $45

WHO: Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend - no experience required! Absolute beginners and seasoned Belly Dancers will benefit from this fun afternoon of learning and dance.

ATTIRE: Wear comfortable, fitted activewear and plan to dance in bare feet. No, you don’t have to show your belly! Dress for comfort whether that is a tshirt and sweatpants or a tank top and yoga pants. If you can freely move and feel comfortable you will be set! Please bring a hip scarf if you have one. A limited number of hip scarves will be available to borrow, but you may want to purchase your very own! Hip scarves will be available to purchase for $15.

What To Expect

Did you know 80% of people fail to keep their New Year Resolution? Did you know 55% of New YearResolutions are health related? By January 12 most people have already given up on their goals! We can help combat those staggering statistics!

We want to present to you a second chance, a new way of thinking about fitness and hope so you can achieve your fitness goals. Revolution Ballroom presents "Fierce, Fit, & Feminine: Benefits of Belly Dance Workshop by Casey Frymire" – where you'll gain 3 killer benefits of Belly Dance:

1. Fierce

We'll focus on unleashing the commanding presence every woman has deep inside. Through a few basic moves you'll find a new confidence and presence for whatever stage you want to command!

2. Fit

A fun way to use Belly Dance as an exercise using 3 five-minute routines. Enjoy a total-body dance work-out that builds your core strength and gets your heart pumping.

3. Feminine

We'll end our journey together by putting together all we’ve learned in a short, but enticing routine. We'll dance to beautiful music and enjoy the flowing rhythm of Belly Dance.

Water and snacks provided, and we'll take plenty of breaks during our afternoon together.

Begin your fitness and dance journey with our "Fierce, Fit, & Feminine - Benefits of Belly Dance Workshop". Join the beautiful Casey Frymire this Saturday January 18th Noon to 3:00 PM at Revolution Ballroom. We are excited to start this journey with you!

About the instructor Casey Frymire

Casey Frymire is originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She has a Bachelors in History from High Point University, Applied Science in Zoo and Aquarium Science Technologies from Davidson County Community College. Casey is a professional Belly Dance performer, instructor, and choreographer.

How I got started dancing – I saw a belly dance for fitness video tape in a magazine and played that video for a year until I saw a belly dance troupe at a fall festival and joined that class which turns out was only 25 minutes from my house.

Why I love teaching dance – Belly dance gave me so much confidence and it forms a tight relationship with women I would not otherwise hang out with. That inward self assurance and friendship is something I want to make available to other girls and women.

What’s great about teaching at Revolution Ballroom – It’s organized and professional. There is stellar communication within and without, opportunities and professionalism that I have not found or seen anywhere else in Beaufort.

What’s great about the dance style I teach (Belly Dance) – Belly dance is designed for a woman’s body and is good for the body. It works for all sizes, ages and shapes. It is gentle yet tones and strengthens. It can be started at any stage in life. It provides a positive glimpse into another culture. It can be performed alone, as a duet or in a group. The costuming is fabulous. Belly dance makes you feel beautiful. After only a few weeks the frustration of not knowing what to do or how to do the moves goes away and each challenging movement is met with excitement now that your mind says “I will be able to do that” instead of “I will never be able to do that”, as the mind tends to think in the very beginning. The music range is wide and tempos are varied. There are fun props to add to the dance. You can wear glitter as an adult and it is acceptable.

Other interests, hobbies, & passions – I love to read many different things and watch history documentaries. I’m working on my family chart that my grandmother started that goes back to the 1700’s. I love traveling and doing nothing with my husband, Allen and dog, Pecan Pie. I also enjoy animal training.

Most people are surprised to find out that…I am an ambivert

Favorite treat – brownies and York peppermint paddies.